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Geography, Nicaragua

Travel enthusiast Pawel Jaworski
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The Pacific basin is blessed with a spine of more than 50 volcanoes that run from the northern Pacific Gulf of Fonseca, south into Lake Nicaragua. 7 of these are active and 14 sport crater lakes. The Pacific basin is separated from the central and northern mountains and eastern rain forests by Central America's two biggest lakes: Lake Managua and Lake Nicaragua. Lake Nicaragua is the 2nd largest in Latin America at 8,264 km2 and is home to over 450 volcanic origin islands, including the world's largest volcanic lake island, Isla Ometepe and 5 distinct archipelagos. Lake Nicaragua's western-most point is only 18 km from the Pacific Ocean, but drains into the Caribbean Sea by means of the San Juan River's 190 km length. 10% of Nicaragua is covered by lakes, rivers and lagoons, 35% is covered in forests. The remaining 55% is a mixture of grazing and farm lands with scattered villages and cities. Please see our "Country Information" page for more details on Nicaragua's nature reserves, colonial cities, villages, beaches and volcanoes.

Source: http://www.toursnicaragua.com

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