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Money, Nicaragua

Practiced journeyerPracticed journeyer Philip Blaby
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Dollars are good almost everywhere in the capital and the other major cities. And there will be plenty of guys in the markets, just waiting to rip the innocent tourists off by giving them a lousy exchange rate. So be cautious and go to any bank for all your currency needs or have someone do it for you who knows what the exchange rate should be. By the way, nix on the travelers checks. They'll cause you more problems than their worth. The best way to carry all of this cash is to never carry large denominations or large amounts in the same place. Spread the money all over your clothes, including in your friendly waterproof belly-bag which shouldn't be trusted with more than 20 dollars at a time. Things are very cheap in Nicaragua, by comparison. For example, a night at the best resort in Nicaragua, the three star Montelimar beach resort, only costs 60 dollars a night with meals included. Meals at restaurants are also cheap and those big pottery pieces, colorful hammocks, and original paintings are very cheap too, about 20 bucks. However, anything imported like stereos, cars, and Dockers suddenly nearly doubles in price. Don't be surprised if you see a Nike hat at the open market for 10 bucks -- it's been pirated.

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