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Practiced journeyerPracticed journeyer Philip Blaby
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You've probably heard a lot of rumors about health problems in Central America, and even though most of them are false, some of them are true and you have to be careful. Don't ever, ever, ever ask your friendly guide to take you to eat "real" Nicaraguan food. Stick to good restaurants and well-lighted areas and you'll be fine.

The tap water has this wonderful side affect called "Montezuma's Revenge" so be sure to take the readily available and inexpensive bottled water on all of your treks. And since this is the tropics, after all, take LOTS of bottle water. If you've been looking at the temperature index and it sounds like Houston to you, think again. Managua is not only as hot as Houston, it also comes with a special bonus charm that makes things even hotter for some reason.

The mosquitoes, tend to transmit malaria an dengue fever, so begin taking anti-malarial tablets about two weeks before you're flight and bring along lots of industrial-strength repellent or your visit could be very unpleasant. Also, contact your doctor to make sure that you are up to date on hepatitis A, tetanus, polio, and all those other wonderful vaccines. You should check out the health section for more extensive information.

Bring your prescription pills and prescriptions down and don't panic if you run out. You might be able to purchase them straight over the counter without a prescription at a pharmacy and for much less than in the US.

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