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Practiced journeyerPracticed journeyer Philip Blaby
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You will be able to find taxis easily on major roads all over Managua, but be sure to establish the price of the fare before getting in or you could have end up paying 10 bucks for a ten block ride and it would be perfectly legal -- there are no distance meters like back in NY. The average price for a trip is four dollars.

And if you're tempted to ride one of those public busses, even though I really dontt know why anybody would, leave your rings, watch, billfold, sunglasses, and your dignity behind you. You can get anywhere in the city for less than a dollar using this form of transportation. To be honest, major crimes like robbery and murder are at much lower levels than in any other Central American nation, which is odd since Nicaragua is so poor, and there is no travel advisory out on Nicaragua.

By far the most suitable way to travel is in a four wheel drive vehicle that you have rented at the airport, motel, or from one of the lots around town. Beware, however, Boston drivers are sweet, compassionate, and patient drivers compared to your average driver here. Cars will stop in the middle of the road for no reason whatsoever, broken-down cars are never pushed onto the margin as a rule, vendors will stand in the middle of the lane at traffic lights, and taxis will never ever notice that you even exist in that lane beside them and if they decide that they don't want to wait behind that slow driver, they make jump over the meridian and drive down the opposite lane.

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