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Modra, Slovakia

Practiced journeyerPracticed journeyer Natally Shirlton
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First traces of settlement are found as early as in the third millennium B.C. The first written document is the Deed of Covenant of King Gejza II, giving Modra to the Church of Nitra in 1158. Modra became the City of the Queen in 1345, and a free royal city with all privileges in 1607.
In the 17th century Modra belonged to the most important vinegrowing centres. Modra gained fame mainly by the manufacture of pottery, which has a high reputation worlwide-the well-known Modra Majolica. There are several historical monuments from the baroque and renaissance era in town. In 1674 the Benedict monks came to settle here and already in the 2nd half of the 16th century the spirit of reformation, inspired by business contacts with German cities, started to spread. The town¬īs view is dominated by the Roman Catholic church of St. Stephen the King, the churche of Apostles Peter and Paul of the Lutheran Church, the former German protestant church, the Roman Catholic church of St. John the Baptist (at the cemetery). More info on: www.tourist-channel.sk

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