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Latvian War Museum, Latvia

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The Latvian War Museum was founded during World War I as the Latvian Riflemen's Museum. In 1919, the museum moved in the Powder Tower, the architectural monument of the 14th century. The Powder Tower is the only ancient tower of Riga's twenty five fortification towers that survived. In 1937-1940, the project of the red brick extension to the tower was successfully carried out, but the museum didn't manage to move into the new building. On June 17, 1940 Latvia was occupied by the Soviet Union and the museum was closed. In 1957, in the place of the War Museum the Museum of Revolution was opened. The history of Latvia was treated from the ideological position of the Soviet power.

The renewal of the Museum was started along with the processes of regaining Latvia’s independence in 1990. The Museum's objective is to explain the complicated military and political history of Latvia, placing special emphasis on the 20th century developments, when the Latvian nation repeatedly had to fight for its independence.

The rich collection of the museum includes weaponry, documents, photographs, leaflets, newspapers, military maps, orders and awards, uniforms, personal effects of soldiers. The oldest exhibits date back to the 15th century, but the main part of the museum's collection is made up of articles that are evidences of the tragic historical events of the 20th century. More info on: www.riga-hotels.net

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