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Sadu House, Kuwait

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Kuwait's roots are entwined with both the sea and the desert. The bedouins lived a life governed by the rhythm of the seasons. A traditional craft of major importance was Sadu weaving, characterised by geometric designs woven by hand with dyed, spun and coloured wool. Sadu weaving is still alive in the nomadic culture, which gave birth to it. In 1979, a few citizens got together to form the Al-Sadu Society, dedicated to infusing this part of Bedouin culture with vitality as well as protecting bedouin crafts from total extinction due to the onslaught of modernisation. In 1980, their efforts led to the establishment of the Sadu House. By the end of 1984, there were nearly 300 bedouin women registered with the centre producing 70 products a week. Several chambers of the Sadu House are decorated with pottery and construction material depicting Kuwait's old houses, mosques and storage places for water and bread. Another section has been transformed into Al-Baraha -- a roofed playground meant for children in the old days. Visitors can relax at Abu Adnan cafe, cosily decorated with wooden benches and colourful woven pieces. Source: www.kuwait-info.com

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would be nice to write the visiting times and the fees if any or else write entry free.

fahim K, 2009-12-01 05:12:05

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