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Ashghabat - Carpet Museum, Turkmenistan

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The museum was opened on the 24th of October 1994. This museum has a large, impressive collection of antique carpets, carpet articles/ chuvals, khurjuns, torba etc./ and also two first biggest carpets, made in Turkmenistan/ 18m by 11,5 m/total area 192 square m. and 20 m by 13 m/266 square m. The first biggest carpet weighs a little bit less than one tone and the second biggest carpet weighs one tone. The art of carpet making goes back into antiquity. It has not been established yet what came first - painted ceramics or carpets. During archeological excavations at Namazga-Depe/ 3d millenium BC/ painted ceramics was found. Some designs of this ceramics are very similar to the carpet symbols. In the 12c the Italian traveler Marco Polo found the Turkmen carpets as the most beautiful and thinnest in the world. In the 14th century two Italian Renaissance painters, Lippo Mernmo and Nicolo Buonarocso depicted the Turkmen carpets at their paintings. It is very interesting that German, Flemish and Italian painters were familiar with Turkmen carpets. The visitors could visit a small carpet work shop. The museum also has a carpet shop where the visitors can buy new carpets. The museum is open daily, except Sunday, from 10.00 AM till 5.00 PM.

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I loved the carpet museum!

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