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Concepción Volcano, Nicaragua

Travel enthusiast Pawel Jaworski
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Concepción Volcano - is in the province of Rivas and located in the western part of massive Lake Nicaragua on the Island of Ometepe. At 1,610 meters above sea level Concepción Volcano is Nicaragua's second highest volcano and many believe the most beautiful in Nicaragua. The volcano slopes are a nature reserve, home to deer and monkeys, as well as numerous legends. Concepción last big lava flow was in 1957, but ash and smoke eruptions occurred as recently as 1999. The volcano is a one day climb of 7-9 hours and for the very athletic, but its forested slopes can be enjoyed with a complete ascent. Rustic, but good lodging is available on Playa Santo Domingo which affords easy access to the east face of the mountain after a 30 minute ride in 4x4.

Source: http://www.toursnicaragua.com

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