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Selva Negra Cloud Forest Reserve, Nicaragua

Travel enthusiast Pawel Jaworski
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Selva Negra Cloud Forest Reserve - is a private reserve in the northern province of Matagalpa. The forest is part of an organic shade coffee operation and hotel project owned by third generation Nicaraguans of German origin. The forest is great for hiking, though wildlife tends to be difficult to spot. Howler monkeys are usually nearby, as well as several species of birds not found south of this mountain range. The coffee hacienda is 100% ecologically sustainable and part of the attraction for its perfect marriage of idealism and practicality. Both currents of thought keep 1/3 of this big property forest reserve and lead to the recycling of everything down to the soapy dishwater. Lodging is cabins located at the edge of Selva Negra's forest reserve overlooking one of the property's 8 ponds. Selva Negra is located 2 hours and 20 minutes north of Managua.

Source: http://www.toursnicaragua.com

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