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Mombacho Cloud Forest Reserve, Nicaragua

Travel enthusiast Pawel Jaworski
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Situated on top of the sleeping Mombacho Volcano, this lovely reserve has some of the most beautiful cloud forest flora seen anywhere in Latin America with numerous flowers, bromeliads and orchids amongst its 800+ species of plant life. The volcanoes slopes are home to more than 500 howler monkeys and some of the longer trails can help locate them in the trees. The park has the cleanest, best maintained trails in Nicaragua and if cloud cover permits stunning views of Granada, Lake Nicaragua and the Las Isletas Archipelago. Mombacho is easily visited from the fine hotels of colonial Granada 20 minutes by paved highway to the park entrance and then 30 minutes in the nature park truck to the summit.

Source: http://www.toursnicaragua.com

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I was at the top of Mombacho last November, 009. It was a rainy day and it was very humid. We hiked to the top of the volcano and there were losts of fauna like miniature orchids which I actually saw in a nice flower shop in Ottawa, on my return. There are actual steam holes at the top of the volcano with steam pouring out. They have pictures of boas, frogs, huge butterflies etc at the lodge at the top of the volcano but I didnt see any wildlife. One day coming back from San Juan del Sur on Pacific Ocean side there was a huge snake onthe road but it was dead. Didnt get a good look at hit. Saw the locals cutting sugar cane and that is a really dirty job as there are lots of snakes and spiders etc in the cane and workers often get stung or biten.


Linda C, 2009-06-27 23:07:04
i think you need more information and pictures

sandra bulick, 2007-04-19 23:43:14

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