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Tanje Village Museum, Gambia

Skillful wayfarerSkillful wayfarerSkillful wayfarer Marcin Kowalski
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The Tanje village museum is a unique place where the natural history and traditional culture of The Gambia is presented in an interesting and accessible way to tourists, Gambians, local inhabitants and school groups. Nowhere can you find out so much about The Gambia, its birds, insects, fish, plants and trees, its different ethnic groups and their cultures. More info on: www.gambianet.com

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This lovely place is worth a visit. I´ve been following the development of the place and when I was living in The Gambia for a year this was the place I was running to when I wanted to relax. The owner Mr Bayo has become a friend. This is a place everybody should visit during their holiday in the country.

Gun-Britt Oliver, 2008-12-18 12:34:23

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