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Parque Histórico La Isabela, Dominican Republic

Travel enthusiast Pawel Jaworski
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The Parque Histórico La Isabela is consistently in the Dominican Republic's top ten most visited protected areas - no doubt because of the site's huge historical significance as the first European settlement in the New World. The archaeological excavations, however, are somewhat limited. The site is divided into three zones: two civilian and one military zone known as El Castillo. It is here that excavations have revealed the outlines of what experts believe were Columbus' house, the church where the first mass in the New World was held, and an observation tower used by the Great Admiral to gaze at the stars.

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Access: There is no easy way to get to La Isabela. The most direct route is to take a gua-gua from Puerto Plata to Imbert, then another to Luperón. From here you can get a motoconcho to La Isabela. Count on this journey taking about two hours in total. Alternatively, you can go on an organized tour.

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