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Bangkok Scams, Thailand

Travel enthusiast Danielw
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Be careful of Tuk Tuk drivers or touts around the street that try to befriend you and recommend you to shops to purchase something.
For showpiece Suanlum night bazaar
For Jewellery Siamparagon
For Tailored clothes Excelsior
For Custom Shoes Tony Leather.
For optical at Top Chareon.
These are the most famous places in Bangkok and you would save time and lots of money if you go somewhere else.

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be aware of ladyboys on in koh San Road area!

A very sad story happened to my friends on the last legs of their trip. These guys were staying in one of the hostels on rambutti, just off koh san road. Basically, as they were asleep a ladyboy sneaked into their room, and robbed them off everything: thousands of Bhats, all cameras ( with all pictures from months of travelling) ipods, phones, everything. Luckily CCTV was outside so thats how they found out who it was, sadly, they did not manage to get anything back. Strangely enough, that ladyboy managed to get into the building even though there was a 24h security. from what my friends said, the Thai police did not take it seriously, and the guys at the hostel claimed no reponsibility as they left their room door unlocked.

So: make sure your door is always locked, hide your stuff, take all valuables from your room when you go out.

daniellas, 2009-04-05 02:56:29

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