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Angaur, Palau

Travel enthusiast Maciej Mońka
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Angaur (or Ngeaur) is an island in the island nation of Palau, southwest of Peleliu. The island, which forms its own state, has an area of 8 km˛ (3 mi˛). Its population (as of 1990) is 206. The island is located southwest of Peleliu. Anguar is an island all to itself with it's own airport. The U.S. Navy Ceebees used to have a station here. The other way to get to Anguar is by boat - maybe 45 minutes or so and normally a rough ride. Some of the best surfing Palau has to offer is located in Anguar. Recently the Palaun government passed legislation that will allow casinos to be built on this island.

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I was in the Coast Guard and rebuilt the CG Loran station on Angaur in 1965. During the 9 months We lived on the Island I came to realize the beauty of this pristine Jungle Paradise. Now with it's own Government and Independence it would be a disaster to allow Casinos on the Island. Agreed, it would provide a venue for additional income to the 209 Native Palauans living on the Island, but would totally ruin the environment. Angaur could take a hint from other South Sea Island Communities and expand the tourism trade by building smaller resorts, thereby increasing their income and trade. Please consider alternative plans before allowing the destructive and often corruptive influence of Casinos. Were Chief Otung alive today, I'm sure he would never have even considered allowing the Corruption of Casinos on his beautiful Paradise. Native Palauans are some of the most congenial and peace loving people I've ever known, and it would be a shame to destroy their heritage.

William Ribbing, 2011-08-12 17:08:01
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orighiffmic, 2011-06-18 14:51:52
I have to agree that adding casino's on Angaur will detractfrom the natural beauty of the island. I would also like to comment that the US Coast Guard had a Loran Station on the island for many years and is now abandoned. My own history spans 9 months of living on the island as we rebuilt the Loran Station in 1965. Numerous additions to the island have made it a tropical diving paradise, yet there are more great historical items of significance regarding Angaur that would be more beneficial to exploit than the addition of casinos. The beauty of this lush tropical island will only be destroyed by commercial ventures.

William Ribbing, 2010-07-18 05:13:07
I spent 9 months on Anguar in 1965-1966. The US Coast Guard had a Loran C Station there, no Navy Seabees. The buildings were quonset huts until our arrival. A construction team from Coast Guard base Honolulu and materials brought in by the CGC Kukui allowed us to completely rebuild the Loran Station with Cinder Blocks and modern construction methods. During our 9 months of construction we endured two to three months of rainy season which didn't help our concrete, and slowed our progress. Much of our work was done with the assistance of the local natives under the guidance of the Island Chief Otung. At the time there were approximately 290 native Palauans living on the Northern end of the Island. On the Western side of the island was a short runway built by the Japanese during the war. One small church with a French priest guided the Palauans in the Catholic religion. Upon completion of the reconstruction of the Loran Station, the Quonset huts were dismantled and given to the villagers. On the South eastern end of the island were cliffs and the caves were occupied by wild monkeys. Additionally the caves were burial grounds for the local natives.
Anguar is a lush tropical island with beautiful beaches and excellent surfing waves. Commercialization of the island paradise with Casinos and Resort hotels will provide a source of income because the bauxite mines no longer produce a viable source of income, and Local fishing is the only other source of survival. The Palauan people are a very friendly community and island peace is tranquil. Foreign investment for growth and advancement is the only direction left to the Island Native community to join the world federation as an independent State. Maintaining Anguar's private ownership will be a challange to the government at Koror, but that would be the most advantageous means of keeping the island from becomming over run with land Squatters or destructive elements. Two major challenges will be provision of sanitary water supply and proper sewage disposal.
When we rebuilt the Coast Guard Loran station we provided concrete cisterns for water storage and purification. Sewage was handled by drainage to a septic system with underground composting properties. These same methods could be incorporated in a modern Environment. I would love to see more photos of Anguar and all of the Palauan Islands in the Micronesean Chain. They were beautiful in 1965-1966 and are probably even more beautiful today.

Bill Ribbing, housemouce1@hotmail.com, 2010-05-10 06:31:31
I was born and raise on the island. Went to school in Koror. Got married and moved to United States.To build casino on the island will destroy beauty.and the lives of the people. Palau Government should build thier casino at Airai or some where beside Ngear.

TPM, 2009-09-20 11:03:33
It was the U.S. Coast Guard that had a LORAN C station on Anguar. The SeaBees may have built the airstrip during WWII. This isle doesn't need casinos to ruin it.

Big Wayne, 2009-06-06 00:41:50
My family is from Angaur and I visited it for the first time recently and in my opinion casinos being built on this island would detract, if not destroy, the islands natural beauty.

Matt J , 2008-08-13 04:46:01

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