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Yemen - Baraqish, Yemen

Skillful wayfarerSkillful wayfarerSkillful wayfarer Patric Scott
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Baraqish is located in the semi-arid area on the road to Hazm Al-Jawf, 125km, 125km from Sanaa. It is na old city. Baraqish stands on top of a lofty hill with a magnificent castle sealed off by a highly fortified wall. The ruins of the temple, located in the southern part of the city are the most striking feature of the city. The temple reflects the dominant from of architecture used by the Ma’eenis and consists of 16 columns and beams. There is anther temple in the center of the city but only 4 columns can be seen. There are further historical sites dating back to the Ma’een dynasty in Majzer district not far from Baraqish: to the west Ahqaf and Duroub Al-Sabi and, to the east, the site of Kharbat Al-Lisan.

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