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3 days, July 2003

Cycling: Coast to Coast

Sea, Ocean, River, Waterfall ...
Practiced journeyerPracticed journeyer Andreas Mayer
2005-12-06 08:36:53
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This was the second time I did this trip, and much fun again. Beautiful villages, mountains and valleys, country pubs and good excercise all over a long weekend.Great fun...need to find some more cycling routes in the UK.

For all pratical info and some C2C travelogues got the C2C guide.

Day 1 Whitehaven to Penrith (53 miles, 7 hours)

The trip did not start very promising. The weather forecast for the weekend was pretty poor, after weeks of a good summer. We got up at 6.30 am on Friday to catch the train from Leeds to Whitehaven and it was wet, windy and cold. We left Marc's place late, too late to catch the train really and already I was wishing I had stayed in London. But, as always with Marc, we managed to make the train with about 10 seconds to spare, and things were beginning to look up. Five hours of unexciting train travelling later we arrived in Whitehaven, the weather had in the meantime improved, and after buying the Coast to Coast map at Woolworth and taken a snap at the C2C sign we were finally off, still worried though about the 53 miles ahead though.

As it happened it was just fine. The weather improved steadily and after a couple of hours it was sunny with some clouds, perfect for cycling. The first few miles out of Whitehaven were a bit dull, along a dismantled railway with lots of trees and not much views (and a few C2C signs turned 180 degrees by the local kids did not help) but as soon as the railway line ends and the mountains begin the scenery is breathtaking. And so we rode for hour after hour in the afternoon sun, past lakes and fells and lovely villages and remote cottages, stopping occasionally for a photo or a mars bar in a pub, until we arrived in Penrith at about 8.00 p.m. A quick shower was followed by some pizza in the local Italian, then a beer and a well deserved 9 hour sleep.


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Cycling: Coast to Coast Cycling: Coast to Coast Cycling: Coast to Coast Cycling: Coast to Coast
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