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Dance, parties and feasts still play an important role in the life of the Kists — Georgian Chechens who settled in the Pankisi Gorge. They play musical instruments, sing beautifully and dance with great flair.

To the rhythm of Lezginka

People, culture
Travel enthusiast Nuaga
2009-12-27 23:56:40
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When at the dawn of history God created the world, all nations gathered in one place, waiting for their share of the Earth. Each nation wanted to get a beautiful piece of land for themselves. They started to make a great noise, jostling one another. When the Georgians saw this, they decided they'd rather spend the time dancing, partying and feasting. Meanwhile, God distributed everything he had. However, when he heard the merry songs and inspired toasts, he took pity on the cheery, smiling people. To reward them for their high spirits and rustic joy, he decided to give them the most beautiful corner of the world, verdant, scenic, mountainous and fertile, one that he had intended to keep for himself.

The Daimoakh ("Homeland") folk group was founded in the mid-1990s by Makvala Margoshvili, who is both its director and instructor. Among the singers are such celebrated Georgian artists as Keto Mutoshvili, Taissa Alkhanashvili and Mamuli. The dancers, both adults and children, perform mainly varieties of Lezginka, one of the most popular dances in Caucasus.

Dressed in traditional Kist costumes, they sing and play both Georgian and Chechen songs, which imbues their folk art with a unique sound and colour.

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To the rhythm of Lezginka To the rhythm of Lezginka To the rhythm of Lezginka To the rhythm of Lezginka To the rhythm of Lezginka
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