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Before making my way to Thailand, the one thing I had definitely wanted to do was to enjoy the process of having clothes custom made just for me. Therefore I spent time on the internet researching stores that I should visit, stores that I should think about and things I should look out for when having suits tailor made in Thailand.

Tailoring at its best in Bangkok

Travel enthusiast Thempa
2009-08-17 05:26:13
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It's not easy for an ordinary person like myself to understand the logistics of having clothes custom made for you. I'm not a hard guy to fit, just the regular 6 ft 1" inch guy, not much of a belly, but shades of it can be noticed! I never thought it was really necessary to get clothes custom made as all my shirts more or less fit me on the sleeves (ok, admittedly, some, just some are a little short) for my length, but most were very good. Little did I know the difference till I made my first visit to Bangkok these past few weeks.

I had done some research into tailoring and understood how good tailoring can sometimes be tricky to achieve in Bangkok, Thailand and probably Asia in general. I spent a long time researching what to look for in terms of quality, fabric, fit etc and plan to share most of my knowledge on this page as well. I also spent a great deal of time finding the places to head to and narrowed down some stores based on reviews, general customer satisfaction and emails back and forth to the actual company. I then made sure to visit all the stores I had shortlisted (3 stores in total) and spoke to each about the details I was interested in, sought out the various fabrics they had, the general clothes they make, the detailed finish of the clothes they do and most importantly, customer ease and satisfaction inside the store! Yes, that does matter to me as well that I feel comfortable shopping at a store where I would end up spending round about AUD 1400 on all my clothes!

Here are some general basic steps to pick out the ones you should not enter:
1.The ones that have the super cheap (more like cheat) deals of $199 for 2 suits, 2 shirts etc.
2.The ones that have guards at their door trying to drag you in
3.The ones that place large adverts in magazines to pull you in (after all, a good place doesn't need advertisement, just good word of mouth)

I was generally quite happy with all 3 places, ...

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