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South America - Ecuador - Quito - Latitude 00.00º

Jeremy Curl
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South America - Ecuador - Quito - Latitude 00.00º

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Atlast, I have reached the Equator
I have now been in both hemispheres at the same time. Sweet!
Fall You Bloody Egg, Fall!!!!

Noooo! I can't be over powered by a Woman
The loss of resistence test on the equator. Alright I admit, I was crushed by a woman; but only on the equator.
Which way will it turn, which way will it turn?
Water drops straight down at the equator, it spins clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere, and counter-clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere. No Joke!
Balance Test
If someone gets pulled over by a cop while on the equator and is given a soberity test; they are toast!
Em and Jonny

Jonny and his Blowgun

The False Mitad del Mundo

The City of Quito
The capital and second largest city in Ecuador.
The Freaky Irish Girl sleepy on my top bunk


Yes, we have won! Hey, why don't we flip a car over!

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me ayudo mucho con mi tarea y no tuve que estudiar paranada

esta pagina es muy buena perono le entendi mucho pero detodas maneras me boy a sacar un 100000000000000000000000000

diaana , 2010-11-11 04:46:30

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