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Founder (on the right hand side on the pictrue). Simply - the brain of the team. Without him the site would be still crawling on all fours. He's got no sense of web design but he is a good developer. Anyway, this is what he says about himself.

He reveals that he finally has found something that utilises both his hobby and skills in one - Odyssei.com. But there is something more than just that. Let's hope we'll find out one day.

Motto for everyone: "Everything is possible and along with friends and a bit of imagination it makes your life outstanding". The motto in extended version: replace the word "friends" with Kev and let’s build a time machine. You’ve got to meet the Chap!!!

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Founder. That handsome guy on the left hand side on the picture above. Polish. 28. Married. Cheese and butter are unacceptable in my food. Poetry's boring me. I don't understand modern art. I love mountains. I'm one of the people who claim Be-Bop's cool.

Friends: Kev - one bottle of 'Spirytus' a week (quite well!!) but does not like my garlic-onion vodka - I forgive you mate :), Dan - he's learnt a lot of polish bad words. Guinea pig freak. Pawel - my brother - a hundreds ideas per minute. Maciek vel. Robak - special member of our summer-balcony-parties. The only guy who was brave enough to taste my horseradish vodka - respect!

Odyssei.com - hope i'll be able to use all this info while traveling some day...

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I’m Odyssei team member since August 2005, “recruited” as editor and searcher. That’s right – I’m one of these weird persons who find digging through the Internet fun…

Favourite place for holiday – polish mountains (especially Karkonosze). I like very long walks. I’m also a fan of science-fiction, dark wave music, Xbox and my fiancé Artur (actually, I’m in love with him).

What else interesting could I say about myself? I study information & library science and my eighteen birthday was on 11th September 2001 :)

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Geographer. Aged 26.

I'm a mountain freak specializing in East European mountain treks where I think is the only place you can interact with nature. Where instead of MacDonald's or KFC you can find shepherd with sheep. Places where it depends only on me where to set up a tent. Where I can truly be free.

Odyssei.com team member since June 2005. I'm editor and researcher.

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Hello, I'm Zuza and I'am 19 years old.. (well I am very old! ;P ). From October I will live and study in Cracow!
I love Poland and I don't fancy spending holiday without wandering in Polish Mountains e.g. Tatry.

Odyssei.com infected me and now the site isn't just the job, but also my hobby:)

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Hi, I'm Kaska and I am 27. I teach at school, but I do hope it won't last forever?

My biggest hobby is travelling, but I also like horse-back riding. I am a movie freak, too. I graduated in Polish philology, where I specialized in film art. The most beautiful place on Earth? Komancza, in Polish Bieszczady mountains.

Odyssei is a great thing! I collect information about different cities and towns all around the world, which is extremely interesting. One day when I am very, very rich I am going to use all the stuff I put in here during the journey of my life. It's still before me.

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