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Kavarna is a seaside town situated 2 km north of the Black Sea coast, 18 km from Balchik. Like most seaside towns, Kavarna has a rich history. The town sprang up on the place of the ancient Thracian settlement called Bizone, the erliest finds dating back to the end of 6th century BC. Later on Greek settlers came here and turned it into one of the noumerous Greek colonies along the Black Sea coast. In 1st century BC the town suffered a devastating earthquake that swallowed it almost completely. Then it was restored and included in the territory of the Roman Empire and consequently in that of Byzantium. The ruins of that antique town, which was a commercial and agricultural center, can be seen not far from modern Kavarna. After the foundation of the Bulgarian State on the Balkan Peninsula the town changed its name several times. It was called Karvouna, Karbona, Karnava and finally Kavarna. In the 14th century Karvouna was the main town of the semi-independent Dobrudja rulers-the boyars Balik, Dobrotitsa and Ivailo. The Turks conquered it in 1393. The town moved slowly to its present day location. It suffered the Russian-Turkish Wars of 1828-1829 and of 1850. Shortly before the liberation the inhabitants of Kavarna rebelled and as a result of the supression of the rebelion the town was put to fire and devastated. 1200 people found their death. The town of Kavarna was once again rebiult and became an agricultural and fishing centre. In 1900 it took part of the revolts of Dourankoulak. Nowadays Kavarna is an industrial centre. There is an agricultural technical school and a harbour.

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