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Hungary [2]

Elisabeth_Teije Wyświetlono: 439 razy 2004-03-06 14:02:26
  Ocena:3.23 (22 głosów)

The sky is cloudy and it is less hot than on the last few days. For us that is great, since we want to drive along the eastern border of Hungary, over the socalled puszta...
It is hot, but, luckily for us, also a bit cloudy, otherwise we would have liked to paddle in the water.

A large quantity of European Union and Hungarian flags waving together on many lampposts and buildings indicate that the Hungarians, or at least the government, support the idea of joining the EU. The prices of food and other things are already rising to a West European level, we notice.
Until now Pecs is the nicest place in Hungary we have seen; Budapest is bigger and more imposing, but this town has much more charm. To the right a view from the mosque over the central square.
Walking around we suddenly see some gates, almost hidden by all the locks that are attached to it. The gate on the picture has just started and can use a lot more locks. So bring one, whenever you come this way.
This building is a bit hidden between the other buildings and is just outside the centre of Pecs, but it is the best preserved mosque of Hungary. It is amazing that the Turks and consequently the Austrians have destroyed almost anything in Hungary but that they have spared this city.
After having walked for several hours, including some breaks to have something to drink, we decide to eat something. Teije sticks to a simple Vienna schnitzel but Elisabeth wants to try something new: onionsoup in loaf. We can't imagine how that would be served until she gets her plate: a rock-hard baked bread with onionsoup in it, exactly as described on the menu. According to Elisabeth it is more a sort of buttersoup with a vague taste of onions which dissolves the inside of the bread to turn the soup into some mushy wet onionsandwich. We left out the pictures on which Elisabeth's expression shows that she is less happy with her meal.
We liked Pecs, but what we have seen from the rest of Hungary didn't really attract us, so we decide to drive on today to lake Balaton to have a few days rest. To have a few quiet days like a real holiday, so to speak. But arriving at the lake we enter into a short traffic jam: again an accident has just happened, this time a motorcyclist who is lying under a car. Police cars, the ambulance we have seen so many times now, this trip, all with sirens, are just arriving.

We turn onto a quiet road and speculate that it is so quiet here that we don't have to expect any more accidents. But there it is again: a police car with its alarm lights in the middle of the road. But this time it has another reason: two half-naked girls who are adjusting the little clothes they have and a car with two young boys (19 at most) who probably wanted to pick them up. We hope these boys get a substantial fine. One can't blame the ladies for trying to make a living in this new capitalistic society. The demand often determines the offer...
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