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Maroko, Marrakesz museums 2012 r.

tompier Wyświetlono: 11 razy 2012-11-18 20:56:51
  Ocena:2.06 (102 głosów)

Marrakesz 2012 r.

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  • RY8WOc9v / 2014-02-02
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  • JozoifEFR / 2014-01-20
    Thanks to you, I started rndaieg her books and I love them!! You are the Gladys Taber of our times. Thanks to you, I have a better appreciation of my home and my things and after rndaieg Gladys\' books, even more so. You should definitely have your own home style tv show. I think too many of us have gotten away from appreciating what we have and how to do wonderful things with what we have and you have a way of bringing us back to that. Thanks for that and thanks for everything you share with us!!
  • r18f2X5Zo / 2014-01-19
    I am quite sincere in my dopsapiintment that there appears to be no activity at this forum. I also read a number of survivalist sites, which have a lot of activity. While the spark is growing on many of them of the need to preserve an expanded community, in a collapse it is not clear that it can be created after the fact .


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