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Turcja 2012r.

Coni7 Wyświetlono: 1 razy 2012-08-26 22:22:19
  Ocena:1.92 (102 głosów)

W tym roku postanowiliśmy rodzinną grupą ruszyć do Turcji. Ciekawi, wybraliśmy bazowe miejsce - spokojne Oludeniz. Miejsce spokojne, z pięknymi widokami, sympatycznymi ludźmi i możliwością latania na paralotni. Warto było, zobaczcie sami!

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  • 9VuNt4JVlbne / 2013-11-16
    I think you have to read the above post together with the other post I have on the sucjebt. Compulsory religious studies in my Catholic School years was only given as an example of brainwashing school curriculum. There are other examples of compulsory study materials given in the other posts. Let me post all of them here:Excuse me for writing in English. The Chinese software in my computer is not working properly. I also apologize for not noticing the difference between ??????????????? and?????.The purpose of my message is not to judge the value of ????, and even less do I dare to suggest our beloved school to accept or reject the program. The purpose of my message is to make the point that: ?With so many voices opposing the National Education program, do we really realize that we have already received a large number of indoctrinations during our school years? If we do, why do we single out our objection on the National Education program and passively accept others??The answer has been partly provided by the very eloquent message of Mr Well Lee: ?It is not the indoctrination process in education to which one objects; rather it is the content of the doctrine which decides one?s choice.? This, however, immediately leads to the next question: ?Who is best to be the judge of the content of the education material?? In my view, hopefully, we have a sensible Education Department which may make the ?unbiased? decision by following the national and international history as well as development trends. A fair and unbiased decision may still not be possible since ?fairness? and ?biasness? are relative terms. Then, is following the majority always right? Not necessarily! (Not long ago, some schools in southern USA chose to abandon the teaching of Darwin?s Evolution due to pressure from the majority of the parents and the outcries of extreme religious groups.)In describing the National Education program, it was mentioned ??????????????, and the term ???? was also used. I have not studied the program content, therefore, I cannot pronounce, in my own opinion, on the suitability of the National Education program in school education. However, I remember through my personal experience of the primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong, there were quite a few occasions in which official text-books (as well as teachers) showed complexion which suits those words of description. The religious classes I had (mentioned in my last message) could be cited as examples; the massacres of hundreds of thousands of Muslims, Jews and Eastern Christians in Jerusalem in 1099 was (and probably still is) described in history books as ?holy? and we were supposed to worship such ?wars?; the infamous Opium War caused by drug smuggling and drug pushing by the East India Co. was taught to us as ?the Chinese needing British goods?; the rule of the great British Empire was always glorified while the atrocities committed by her troops to the natives in Africa, Australia, N. America and the Middle East were dismissed as ?disciplining the savage?. The above are just a few examples in a multitude. However, I must admit that, in many of the ?civilized? countries I visited, such education materials of glorifying one country?s past while downplaying (or even omitting) its atrocities can be commonly found in schools ? Japan, USA, UK, Israel, France, (and even Canada!), etc. Due to the stand of the colonial Hong Kong Government in the past, such biased materials were approved for education and have infiltrated our text-books and schools. Somehow, we accepted them ? no protest!In the eve of sending out a petition, I like to ask ourselves to sit back and consider this analytically, ?Is the content of the National Education program that much worse than the materials I have cited? If so, please go ahead and protest! If not, singling out the National Education program as a target of protest will be infringing on ?double-standard??.Yours truly,Max Wong
  • zXSMXdrT / 2013-11-14
    This site doesn?t seem to be very active and there don?t seem to be many other sliimar sites. This is surprising, since the possibility of social collapse of some sort in the next few decades is real. I?m also not sure whether anyone here is trying to get something concrete going to attempt to preserve some part of our civilization?s knowledge, H-bombs and germ warfare exempted.Anyway, for the record, here are some thoughts as to how the problem should be addressed.-There are more efficient ways to preserve knowledge than a single multi-billion dollar government-supported facility. A single site would be vulnerable to whatever catastrophe befell the world. Assuming it survived, its location and contents would probably be known and the facility would therefore probably be a tempting prize for whichever semi-literate local warlord(s) eventually came to power. In the event it was overrun, it would likely be trashed to some degree.-My idea for knowledge preservation is based on a science fiction story I read years ago. In that story, aliens planted a ?knowledge gate? on earth to monitor the progress of human intelligence. The ?gate? was actually a series of gates to sequential virtual rooms, each one containing knowledge of increasing complexity. Access to the next room required solving a puzzle based on knowledge mastered in the previous room. A sliimar concept could be applied successfully to advance a post-apocalyptic world.-Based on the foregoing and probably because I?m a Geological Engineer by training, my vision is as follows:oScores of sites would be built around the world in abandoned mine workings. Most of these would survive any conceivable catastrophe short of a very large asteroid impact.oLocations would be semi-secret but it would be made generally known that the sites contained little of value except knowledge media. This would eliminate the ?war prize? factor.oSurface entrances would be concealed, but at each location, there would be an indicator (light, siren) on a timer programmed to broadcast its presence and entry instructions at various random intervals, say 50 to 500 years out. Sites would broadcast their locations at different timesoEach location would consist of several underground rooms containing knowledge media. Instructions regarding the location of the next room would require mastering the knowledge in the previous one. If the rooms were camouflaged to some degree, they would be almost impossible to find in an underground labyrinth of abandoned drifts, raises, stopes, etc. without instructions.oRooms? contents would be sliimar at all sites, probably starting with basic language (English, Chinese?) instruction. Sites would have to include local content to some degree. It would make little sense to show someone how to mine bauxite to smelt aluminum in places where there is none or how to make steel where there is little coal, limestone or iron ore.-Initially, significant research will be necessary to get something like this going. I?m pretty sure, however, that each site could eventually be built at a cost comparable to that of building a few of modern school buildings. The research, knowledge accumulation and site construction could therefore probably be undertaken by a non-profit private foundation. I?d be willing to contribute funds to such a foundation myself and I?m convinced thousands of people like me around the world would do likewise.Anyway, that?s my two cents worth for now. Hopefully some like-minded people will read this and contact me to try and get something concrete like this off the ground. There?s probably still a few decades left before the doo-doo hits the fan but time definitely appears to be running out.
  • hbfpq61RQ / 2013-11-13
    Tanie, I hate the term dead music!!At our salsa lessons we do have CD music, at our Labor Day wkneeed, Memorial Day wkneeed events, Thanksgiving wkneeed events, and other special events during the year we do have live music . Hope you get to read this communique, and join us fo rLabor Day wkneeed celebrations, and get into the free salsa lessons during the event.Mauricio


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