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henq Wyświetlono: 65 razy 2009-11-01 09:58:47
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Ilustracje do relacji „Bliski Wschód 2009; Cz.II - Jordania”.

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  • YUixaGZK / 2014-12-15
    Hey Petra I purchased the Owl purse and fisnerlegs gloves a few weeks ago, and just finished making them for my grand daughters birthday. They turned out beautifully! Your patterns are written perfectly and they are so easy to understand, especially with the photos you provide. I have only been crocheting for a year, and sometimes I have a problem understanding the pattern, but yours are so detailed that it\'s almost impossible to mess it up!!! Thanks for all your hard work and lovely patterns!!!
  • m0ukJBx12oX / 2014-12-12
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  • CCRG0MYf3 / 2014-12-10
    Hi Petra,Great blog! I was looking for sonmhtieg to do last night and found your blog and your tutorial for slippers. I love to crochet but not very good at it. I am not good at following instructions I usually make things up . But I (mostly) followed yours and finished a pair of slippers last night. Now I have to make them for my 2 year old daughter too I will put them up on my blog with your link. ( I am still in baby shoes for blogging, but growing slowly)I also love all your photos! I was just thinking, I will need a new camera; or just take my husband\'s for my blog.I may even attempt some of your recipes too.I sew you were in Hungary for holiday. Hope you had a nice time. I am Hungarian and live in Budapest with my Irish husband and our toddler.You\'ve got a new follower in Budapest now Cheers!Krisztina
  • 4Mn3gBa7EFt / 2014-12-09
    Hi, thought you\'d like to know that an upsurunulocs Facebook site is using one of your photos of this gorgeous bag and not admitting that they haven\'t made it themselves but trying to sell it. Possibly the person has bought the pattern from you and has your permission, but as they\'re advertising a little bag I crocheted for my niece last year and are using my photo without my permission, I\'m guessing they probably haven\'t contacted you. Seems like many of the photos on this site are stolen. I and others have reported them to Facebook, you may wish to do the same. The link for your bag is: I follow your blog, so I recognized the bag straight away I\'ve got it pinned on Pinterest as something to make one day!!


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