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Berlin,Targi Turystyczne

gwidon Wyświetlono: 216 razy 2009-02-23 00:58:04
  Ocena:2.43 (366 głosów)

Największe Targi Turystyczne na świecie.Mozaika kultur z wszystkich kontynentów i niemal wszystkich państw świata.

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  • 0FEA2wDl / 2014-01-20
    I think you hit a busellye there fellas!
  • NFGpzrvP4 / 2014-01-19
    This inaoomftirn is off the hizool!
  • tkNKTzIaCEE / 2013-09-07
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  • CIGaN6MR49X / 2013-08-29
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  • r28ztSgdA / 2013-08-29
    I love it. Listening on JBL 4328 s in a treated room, I can tell every time you turn it on and off, wiothut looking at the video. The whole mix opens up, comes forward, and gets thicker at the same time. It\'s nice enough how everything comes together, but to me the most mind-blowing part the fact that it opens up and gets fuller at the same time. I don\'t think that can ever be accomplished with EQ or compression in the way it is accomplished here. Thanks in part to your review, and several others, I got VCC 6 or 7 months ago and haven\'t looked back. The most interesting thing about VCC is that I can get the low end to sound huge and it doesn\'t even touch my mastering limiters when I get to that step. The same perceived low end level wiothut using VCC would kick the crap out of my limiting in the mastering phase. That is pretty awesome the fact that I am literally, mathematically dialing in less low end, but it actually sounds and feels like more in a plugin.
  • g6YxDIlHF / 2013-08-28
    I was fit with a guy working at Urban Athletics (UES on Madison), he seeemd to know what he was talking about but they didn\'t have a treadmill for analysis. I feel weird not running in orthotics and I am not sure if I am overpronating (which could lead to more injuries!)


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